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Nut & Spice Flavors

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7 Leaves Tobacco 7 Leave Tobacco delivers a nice dry radiant note, with light & woody undertones and a delicate spicy touch. Superb flavor.
AbsintheA good anise flavor, derived from botanicals.
After Dinner MintyButter Rum with peppermint
Afternoon DelightPoms, papaya, pears and mango.
Amaretto E-LiquidClassic almond taste with and infusion of apricot, caramel sugar and 17 other fruit and herbal notes
AppleA good apple, not to sweet, not to bitter
Apple Honey SuckleApple and sweet honey suckle flavor.
Apple MentholThe taste of fresh apple with menthol added
Apple Menthol Tobacco Menthol tobacco with apple added
Apple PomegranateGreen apples and pomegranate
Apple Rings E-liquidA sweet apple and cinnamon flavor
Appleberry EnergyThe delicious taste of an apple, energy drink, and sweet strawberry .
Apricot A strong clean apricot flavor.
Apricot CustardSweet vanilla custard added to our apricot.
Atomic CinnamonAn atomic explosion of hot cinnamon candy flavor. 
Aztec CoffeeA delicate coffee flavor with a subtle cinnamon flavor and a slight hint of floral and citrus undertones.
BaconSmokey bacon flavor.
Bahama PunchCitrus punch flavor
BananaGood Banana flavor
Banana CreamA sweet and creamy banana flavor. 
Banana SplitA sweet lovers dream. Banana, strawberry, pineapple and creamy chocolate.
Banana StrawberryBanana and strawberry blend.
BananaberryBanana, strawberry and a touch of cotton candy.
Bananas FosterA wonderful blend of sweet ripened bananas, caramel, brown sugar, vanilla cream and a slight touch of cinnamon.
Banilla NutA scrumptious blend of hazelnut, chocolate, banana and vanilla custard.
Barvarian CreamA creamy custard flavor.
Berrant TobaccoOur sweet black tobacco , black currant and strawberry blended together to make this fruity sweet tobacco.
Berry CrunchBerry flavored cereal 
Berry Nectarine CreamStrawberries & nectarine with a hit of sweet cream.
Black CherryA bold cherry flavor. Tastes like a super ripe black  cherry.
Black Cherry BerryBlack cherry and blackberry blend.
Black Cherry Cotton CandyCherry flavor with a hint of cotton candy.
Black CurrantThe full flavor  of black currant.
BlackberryA bold berry flavor. Bold and fruity is the best way to describe this flavor.
Blackberry CreamBlackberry with sweet cream added
Blackberry CustardA heavenly blend of blackberry and vanilla custard.
Blackberry PomBlackberry with sweet pomegranate
Blackberry Punch****
Blue Cotton CandyBlueberry and cotton candy
Blue HoneyBlueberry and honey suckle with sweetener added.
Blue MistCitrus soda with blueberries
Blue Morning   Eye opening blend of Strawberry, kiwi and blueberry.
Blue Pom EnergyRed Energy mixed with pomegranate and blueberries.
BluebaccoGreat fusion of  tobacco with wild blueberries
BlueberryA sweet mix of fresh blueberries
Blueberry CreamFresh blueberries mixed with a creamy 
Blueberry LemonadeLemonade with blueberry
Blush ChablisTastes like a refreshing glass of wine, slightly sweet and slightly tart
BrandySmooth and creamy brandy flavor.
Brandy Dipped CigarOur exclusive blend of cigar flavors mixed with brandy flavoring. 
Bubble GumJust like that great bubblegum, without the sticky
Butter RumTastes like mix of  the candy and just a delicious hint of rum.
Butter Rum CreamButter Rum with an additional hit of vanilla cream
Butter ScotchCreamy rich blend of brown sugar, butter and vanilla.
Butterscotch Brule'Butterscotch with vanilla custard and whipped cream
Candy CaneThe refreshing coolness of a candy cane.
Candy CornThe Halloween favorite
CantaloupeSweet and juicy just like a cantaloupe
CappuccinoThe classic Italian drink of espresso and cream.
CaramelA luscious caramel flavor, very sweet and rich
Caribbean E TwistFruity drink flavor
Cereal SlayerGood cereal flavor
Chai TeaDelicious spiced chai flavor
Chai Tea TwistOur chai tea, with a hint of tangerine, peach and  sweet cream
ChampagneA tangy light champagne taste.
CheesecakeSweet and creamy slice of cheesecake w/ a graham cracker crust
CherryCherry without the pit
Cherry  Menthol TobaccoMenthol Tobacco with cherry flavor added.
Cherry BrandyOur cherry and brandy flavors mixed together in perfect harmony.
Cherry ColaJust like the  drink with grenadine and cherries.
Cherry E BombA blast of cherry with a hint of mint
Cherry Flue Cured TobaccoA combination of black cherry & flue cured tobacco.
Cherry LimeadeLimeade mixed with sweet maraschino cherries
Cherry MentholCherry flavor with menthol . 
Choco Puff E-LiquidLike chocolate puffed cereal .
ChocolateSmooth milk chocolate flavor.
Chocolate CaramelSweet and rich chocolate and caramel flavor
Chocolate CoconutCoconut and chocolate
Chocolate Covered CherryChocolate and cherries.
Chocolate E DreamRich chocolate flavor
Chocolate HazelnutLike the world famous chocolate hazelnut spread . 
CigarVery smooth, mild, distinctive taste. Based on Agio Meharis Orient
Cinful DelightOur famous cinnamon rolls, but even better!
Cinnamon RollCinnamon rolls, topped with a rich creamy frosting.
Cinnamon Spice A delicate flavor, mildly spicy. Light and warm essence.
Cinnamon Sugar CookieSlightly spiced sugar cookie
Citrus Berry BombCitrus, berries, grape and a little wintergreen to brighten it up.
Citrus Cooler Like your favorite citrus juice box drink
Classic RY4RY4  Classic has the slightly nutty caramel with vanilla taste.  This is the CLASSIC RY4 flavor that e-cig veterans are used to.
CloveOur famous recipe of cloves, all spice & tobacco
CoconutA fresh coconut!
Coconut E CloudCoconut and butterscotch, fabulous!
Coconut CreamSweetened, fresh coconut! blended with vanilla cream.
CoffeeA perfectly strong flavor of black coffee, for the early mornings
Coffee Liqueur A strong Coffee liquer flavor with a slight cream accent.
CognacA very true Cognac flavor, very intense but very smooth.
ColaThe Classic American soda
Cola GummiesSweetened cola with a berry finish
Cola SyrupFantastic cola flavor.
Cotton CandyJust the county fair!
Cran PeachberryCranberry , fresh peach with  hints of other berries, to round out the flavor.
Cranberries Smooth cranberry flavor, A great all day vape.
CranberryNice clean cranberry flavor
Cranberry Peach CoolerCranberry and Juicy peach with a light hit of ice.
Creamy ButterscotchSuper creamy butterscotch.
Crispy Rice TreatsA perfect blend of cereal and creamy marshmallow
Cuban CigarMedium strong flavor, rich yet smooth, very similar to a Cohiba Cigar.
Deadly Cin TobaccoDelicious Double RY4, Cinnamon roll, and topped with a little butterscotch.
Desert Hump TobaccoRich, full body & a distinguished bold tobacco taste
Dill PickleYes…exactly like a dill pickle.
DK TobaccoA tobacco similar to 555 tobacco with a smoky flavor.
Double AppleStrong and sweet flavors of fresh apples
Double Dutch ChocolateA rich, pure-tasting chocolate, full of intense chocolate flavor.
Double RY4 Tobacco Double RY4 is a stronger, nuttier, more caramel & vanilla flavor than  RY4. A five star rated vape.
Dragon FruitDelicate, delightful, fruity floral flavor.
Dragon NanaberryDragon fruit, strawberry and banana cream.
Dragons Blendfierce fruit flavor with fruits, strawberries and cream
Earl Grey MentholMenthol added to our delicious black tea.
Earl Grey TeaWonderful clear black tea flavor. A much loved flavor.
E-Cig TobaccoA mix of out Tobacco Bland with a wood smoke flavor & a bit of Belgian tobacco extract. A great smooth custom made tobacco flavor.
Egg NogTraditional Holiday beverage
ElderberryLike elderberry 
EspressoStrong espresso flavor
Fire & Ice E-LiquidMenthol with a hit of Ice,  a super cool vape.
Flue Cured TobaccoThe definitive taste of flue cured tobacco
Frosty  BlueRipe blueberry with menthol and Ice.
Fruit Candies Fruity candy flavor
Fruit Gum E-LiquidGreat fruit gum flavor
Fruit Rings  E-LiquidFruit cereal flavored
Fruitful FrostingSweet Strawberries , Nectarine and Vanilla Frosting
Fruits & CreamBavarian cream, berries and peaches.
Fruity Earl Sweet black tea with the essence of pear and apricot .
Fudge BrownieRich dark chocolate fudge brownie
Fuzzy BreezeOrange, mango, cream with a light hit of peppermint
Fuzzy NavelsSugary peach flavors mixed with, mango  & citrus 
German ChocolateDark rich chocolate.
German Chocolate Cake w/CoffeeBlack coffee with a dark rich chocolate.
Ginger BreadA nice ginger taste, delicate on the bread part.
Glazed PeachberryA dreamy blend of creams, juicy peach and sweet strawberry. A customer favorite.
Golden Pineapple E-LiquidA sweet rich pineapple flavor.
GrapeTastes like grape juice.
Grape Apple CandyGrape cand and apples.
Grape CandyTart grape candy flavor.
Grape MistCitrus soda with grape flavor added
GrapeadeOur grape jolly and fruit candy flavor
Great & PlentyTastes like  licorice
Green AppleSlightly tangy and sweet apple flavor.
Green Granny SmithLike biting into spicy and fragrant, juicy, sweet-tart, Green Apple.
Gummie FishTastes like those  Swedish candies.
Hawaiian Islands Cooler  A fruity punch that everyone loves to vape.
HazelnutA very creamy flavor, has the taste of a real hazelnut.
Hazelnut Cream EspressoChocolate, hazelnut, Barvarian cream and espresso.
Honey DewRefreshing fresh of honeydew
Honey MilkMilk and Honey, mmmm delicious.
Honey SuckleFloral with a light sweet flavor.
Honey Wood TobaccoA  great semi-sweet flavor with a great finish and just a honey aftertaste. This is a delightfully complex flavor of notes of tobacco and fine cigars. 
HooDooSweetened Juicy Peach and  raspberry.
HorchataA blend of cinnamon, spice and fresh rice milk
HurricaneAmaretto, pineapple and mango fusion.
Hypnotic MistIts citrusy and delightful
Irish DreamA very good flavor just like Irish Cream liquor.
Jon W.  BrandyOur Jon W.  tobacco with a sweet , caramel, buttery edge with a touch of brandy added. An EXCELLENT flavor.
Jon W.  TobaccoWonderful blend of tobacco with a sweet , caramel and buttery edge
Juicy MangoJuicy peaches and mango
Juicy PeachGreat flavor, tastes like a freshly picked ripe peach.
Juicy Peach  BLIZZJuicy BLIZZ e-liquid. Tastes like a freshly picked ripe peach with a Cool Ice hit added.
Juicy Peach Menthol Our perfect blend of Juicy Peach and menthol . Combined to perfection.
Juicy PomegranatePerfectly paired sweet peach and pomegranate.
Jungle CoolerCitrus drink with a little cooling mint added.
Kentucky Apple woodDelicately sweet blend of light tobacco and apples
Kewl Blend TobaccoOur Honey Wood tobacco steeped with menthol
Kewl Honey WoodAn assertive  blend of tobacco flavors with a strong hit of menthol.
Kewl MentholA strong menthol flavor like a "Kool".
Key Lime **Bright citrusy lime flavor 
Key Lime CustardA blend of lime and pie flavors
King of CreamsButterscotch, cream and sweet custard
KINGs SandwichButterscotch, sweeten with custards and creams.
KiwiA sweet unique flavor, If you like kiwi you will love this.
Komander  KrunchThe Komander of cereal flavors.
KooladeGrape, blueberry, sweet strawberry and pineapple
Lemon CookieDelicious tangy lemon cookie
Lemon Cookie DreamLemon cookie with vanilla cream
Lemon LimeA lemon-lime blend, sweet and refreshing.
Lemon Mist E-LiquidCitrus soda with a touch more of citrus.
Lemon Pom CurrantPomegranate, black currant and lemonade.
Lemon TartTangy citrus and a light pie crust flavor.
Lemonadejust like your favorite summer time drink
Lemoncello ChampagneChampagne with a produced citrus blend added. 
Light Blend MentholA smooth vapable blend of tobacco flavors with menthol.
Light Menthol  Just a light touch of menthol
M.O.M.SMonsta! Juice, Oranges, Mango and Strawberry
Mad DreamerCantaloupe sweetened with Bavarian cream
Madagascar  Vanilla MentholA dark rich vanilla fused with menthol.
Mai Tai E-LiquidSweet and fruity taste of the islands.
MangoThe tropical goodness of a ripe mango
Mango BerriesOur mango and strawberry
Mango Berry BlizzA superb blend of our mango and strawberry combined with our cool ice. A Great vape.
Mango HorchataVanilla frosting, mago and Horchata
Maple Nutty CreamBlend of maple, caramel and almond flavors.
Maple SyrupWhere are the pancakes?
Margarita E-LiquidIf you love margaritas, your sure to love this juice.
MarshmallowSweet with a vanilla finish, just like a fluffy marshmallow.
Massive MelonsMix of melons
Medium Menthol  Our mid-level menthol. Similar to a Salem
Melon OverloadLopes and different melons. Awesome!
Menthol ICEOur #1 menthol selection. For the strong menthol lovers around the world.
Mint CandySmooth creamy mint flavor, taste like a butter mint candy.
Minty GumVery minty gum-like flavor
Misty Mountain E-LiquidCitrusy soda flavor
MochaA true tasting Mocha, a little bitter coffee and sweet rich coffee.
MojitoJamaican rum with crushed mint and a hint of lime.
Monsta! JuiceAwesome flavor.
Nana Colada"Pina colada w/ extra bananas and coconut, please".
NectarineA strong pure nectarine flavor
Nectarine CreamNectarine and sweet cream.
Nutty latteCoffee , chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and vanilla frosting
NY PeppermintChocolate and peppermint. 
Oatmeal CookiesGrandmas much loved  oatmeal cookies.
OrangeNo need to peel,  just vape the smoothest and tastiest vape.
Orange CreamOrange and creamy vanilla.
Outer SpaceVanillin , blueberry and pomegranate
Papa BlueStrawberry, blueberry and cream from those famous little blue guys.
PapayaA ripe papaya has a very mild taste of sweetness and.. floral. It can not be compared
PapayaberryThe elusive Papayaberry has the flavor of ripe strawberries and a papaya.  Delectable vape.
Passion FruitPassion Fruit vape.
PeachThe sweetness of a fuzzy peach
Peach Cigar BlizzOur sweet cigar with peach & a hit of cool ice.
Peach MentholFresh peach and menthol
Peach WatermelonPeach and watermelon blended together.
Peaches & CreamSweet juicy peach and creamy vanilla
Peaches Lopes & LoopsJuicy peach, cantaloupe and sweet cream
Peaches Pom & CreamJuicy peach, pomegranate and Bavarian cream
Peachmelon NectarinePeach, watermelon and nectarine.
Peanut ButterSmooth peanut butter flavor.
Peanut Butter CupJust like your favorite candy
PearSmooth fresh pear flavor
Pear DragonPear , Dragon fruit and Barvarian cream.
Pear MentholPear and menthol blended to perfection
Peary Honey DewHoney Dew, Pear, strawberry with honeysuckle
Peppermint  Just as peppermint should be
Peppermint EarlEarl grey tea with peppermint
Pina ColadaLike the fresh tropical beverage.
PineappleTropical Flavor of a juicy ripe pineapple
Pineapple MangoPineapples and mango
Pink LemonadeClassic lemonade with added berries
Pipe DreamJust like grandpas ol' pipe tobacco. Warm and delicate flavors.
PlumPleasant plum flavor.
Plumberry  E-LiquidPlums and berries.
Pom TartsPomegranate and sweet & tart candy flavor.
PomegranateAn excellent  burst of fresh pomegranate
Port Blend Tobacco  Menthol Tobacco & menthol notes
Port MentholAn assertive  blend of tobacco flavors with a mid-level hit of menthol.
Pumpkin SpicePumpkin pie with hints of nutmeg & other warm spices
Purple PeachesGrape candy and juicy peaches
Rainbo StripeFruity gum flavor.
Raspberry Sweet and delicious wild raspberries
Raspberry TartsRaspberry blended with sweet & tart candy flavor.
Red Energy E-LiquidAn excellent flavor
Red Hot Candy E-LiquidCinnamon flavor, sweet and spicy!!!
Red TobaccoA strong & Smokey, remnant of a Red cigarette
Red Velvet CakeVelvety blend  of your favorite cake
Root BeerSweet, Spicy and Root Beer
Rose CandyDelicate floral flavor, like the candy
Rose ChampagneA bubbly drink with a splash of berries added
Ruby Red GrapefruitStrong pure red grapefruit flavor
Rum Chata E-LiquidRum and cinnamon with a light cream follow through.
RY4 CLASSICRY4 Classic has the slightly nutty  caramel with vanilla taste
Salted CaramelA delicious sweet and salty caramel blend
Sea BuckthornA delicate lovely Scandinavian berry flavor.
Sex at the BeachFruit and vodka blend
Shiska RaspberryVanilla and Raspberry
S'MoresToasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers
Sour GrapeOur grape jolly with  sour added; a mouth puckering treat.
Sour StrawberryA tangy citrus flavor
SpearamentholSpearmint with menthol added
SpearmintSpearmint flavor is nice and not too overpowering.
Spiced Apple CiderA tangy apple with blend of warm spices 
Spiced Chai A blend of warm spices.
Strawberries & CreamSteeped strawberries  with cream
StrawberryNice pure strawberry flavor
Strawberry  Cheesecake A custom blend of strawberry and cheesecake
Strawberry Banana SmoothieBlend of strawberry , banana  and vanilla custard.
Strawberry BLIZZ  Strawberry with a flavor enhancing hit of Cool Ice
Strawberry BubblegumStrawberries with bubblegum
Strawberry Cotton CandyCotton candy with strawberry
Strawberry CustardStrawberries with sweet custard.
Strawberry Fruit GumOur fruity gum flavor with a hit of strawberry.
Strawberry KiwiA great blend of Strawberries and Kiwis
Strawberry LemonadeLemonade with the addition of strawberry.
Strawberry MentholStrawberry with menthol added
Strawberry Mojito  Like the beverage
Strawberry NectarineNectarine and strawberries. EXCELLENT fruit flavor.
Strawberry Pina ColadaStrawberry, pineapple, coconut and creams.
Strawberry Shortcake Think, pound cake, topped with ripe strawberries
Strawberry Sweet & TartSweet & Tart candy with strawberry added.
Sweet & Black CigarA medium tobacco 
Sweet & Tart A sweet and tangy blend 
Sweet CherryStraightforward cherry flavor
Sweet CigarAnother custom blend. It has a sweet, yet mild flavor. A great all day vape.
Sweet Fruit TeaSweet tea blended with exotic fruit flavors.
Sweet Orange CheesecakeOranges tangerines and cream cheese. Wonderful all day vape.
Sweet Strawberry An even riper strawberry flavor. Wonderful.
Sweet Strawberry TartsSweet strawberries and tangy  sweet & tart candy flavor
Sweetest MelonsWatermelon and berries.
Tangerine ***Very good tangerine flavor
Tigers BlendThe blend of a famous tropical drink with extra berries added!
Tobacco # 6Our 6th try at a cigar flavor, but not cigar enough. I realized I liked it anyways so here it is. Tobacco # 6.
Tobacco BlendA fantastic straight forward tobacco flavor. A true customer favorite.
Tropical TigerCoconut, watermelon, berry, and Pineapple.
Tropics E-LiquidMango, papaya and pineapple
Tuitti Fruitti E-LiquidGood fruity mix. A little sweet but not acidic.
UNFLAVOREDNo flavor added, just mix and nicotine level of your choice. A DIY dream.
UNFLAVORED  Menthol No flavor added, just menthol, mix and nicotine level of your choice. 
Vanilla  PeppermintVanillin and peppermint.
Vanilla ColaClassic cola with  vanillin added
Vanilla FrostingSuperb rich creamy vanilla frosting. Delish!
Vanilla MochaMocha with  whipped cream
VanillinDerived from vanilla beans. The safe way to vape vanilla
Vanillin MentholStraight forward vanillin menthol flavor
Warm & Fuzzy LatteCappuccino, caramel and whipped cream
Watermelon A juicy watermelon without the seeds
Watermelon Gum KissDelicious blend of watermelon, berries and gum
Watermelon MentholWatermelon with a soothing touch of menthol
White ChocolateSmooth milky chocolate flavor
White Chocolate MochaMocha with a smooth creamy chocolate flavor.
Wintergreenperfect for a fresh and soothing vape experience
WoW MelonWatermelon on steroids! Awesome!
XXX TobaccoAs  close to a cigarette as you will get.
Yummy Fruit GumBlueberry, melon, grape and bubble gum

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