E-Liquid Bases

E-Liquid Base Comparison

We use only USP and GRAS certified Bases. More on what that means further down.

You can select 100% Propylene Glycol (PG), 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 75%PG /25% VG, 50%PG / 50% VG, or 25% PG / 75% VG as your E-Liquid base. PG is made from animal and/or petroleum-based oils, VG is made strictly from plant oils.

All our E-Liquid bases are made from only pharmaceutical grade without
allergens. You may have a sensitivity to PG, so we offer 100% VG base it
gives you some healthier alternatives. We are using the highest quality of
E-Liquid Bases to ensure your maximum safety.

What is the USP EP?

The USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. The EP
stands for European Pharmacopoeia.

The USP is the official pharmaceutical compendium in the United
States. It includes chemical descriptions, identifying tests, and purity tests,
primarily for active ingredients. USP grade is pharmaceutical grade (the same
grade a drug company or pharmacist manufacturing or compounding a formulation
for human use would be required to utilize) is the only grade that has any
FDA regulation and oversight associated with it’s manufacture, labeling and marketing.

When you buy USP grade you are assured of 3 things:

  1. The product was made to the exact specifications listed in it’s USP
  2. The manufacturer is FDA registered and licensed
    and the product HAS been approved (including the labeling/marketing material) by the FDA as meeting USP specifications.
  3. The product was made in a FDA certified facility using cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) which are stringent to ensure lot to lot consistency.

Up to now there is no “Vegetable Glycerin” monograph in the USP. We are using FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) and GRAS (Generally recognized as safe-for food use) standards.