E-Cigs Basics

An electronic cigaret, e-cigarette or E-Cig, is a
battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a
vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as
cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. In addition to purported nicotine delivery, this
vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled
tobacco smoke, while no smoke or combustion is actually involved in its

An electronic cigarette takes the form of some manner of
elongated tube, though many are designed to resemble the outward appearance of
real smoking products, like cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Another common design
is the “pen-style”, so named for its visual resemblance to a ballpoint pen. Most
electronic cigarettes are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable
parts. A number of disposable electronic cigarettes have also been

E-CIG is a delicate electronic device, which needs several
important micro-electronic components inside a tube of stainless steel for
simulating the smoking.

At one end of the tube, there is the head light connected with
one end of the battery. At the other end of the tube, there is the cartridge
which has an inhaler connected with the smoking liquid container. At the middle
of the tube, there are several important micro-electronic components, such as
control circuit, pneumatic airflow sensor switch, vaporizer etc., inside a tube
of stainless steel for simulating the smoking. The electronic circuit is
connected with the battery at one side, and connected with the pneumatic switch
and vaporizer at another side. Inside the vaporizer, there is a heating device,
which is connected with the pneumatic switch at one side, and connected with the
smoking liquid container at another side.

There is an air flow channel across along the tube.

It is easy to use E-CIG: once you put the battery and the
smoking liquid cartridge inside of E-CIG, you are ready to enjoy your smoking
whenever and wherever you want. When you inhale E-CIG, the pneumatic switch acts
under the inhaling pressure of the air flow so that the electronic circuit is on
by a magnetic induction, the head of E-CIG light turns red, and the vaporizer
atomizes the smoking liquid in the liquid container. When you stop to inhale
E-CIG, the pneumatic switch is off, so that the electronic circuit stops
automatically; and the red light as well as the vaporizer stops also. If the red
light of the head becomes darker, it is the time for you to recharge the
battery. If the smoke becomes less, you can change the cartridge or add more
E-Smoking liquid by putting few E-Smoking liquid drops in the smoking liquid
container inside the E-CIG.

E-CIG has new patented control circuit, pneumatic switch and
vaporizing structures, so that you do not need any more too strong inhaling
force or there is not just few smoke coming out. With E-CIG you inhale slightly
and plenty of smoke will comes out. You will enjoy just like smoking the tobacco
cigar or cigarette without suffering any harmful smoking damages. Since the
first generation of electronic cigarette, E-Cig has been improved greatly from
the outside to the inside structure.

The following is the structure for the E-Cig products, such as E-Cigarette Cartridge type, which repesent the Three-Pieces structure where the Atomizer is separated from the E-Cartridge.

With the Two-Pieces structure, there is no atomizer problem any more, as with the Three-Pieces structure there are often some problems for the atomizer which does not work any more.