eGo-CE4 Red EXPRESS Kit 900mah
Red 900 mah CE4 Express Kit

eGo-CE4 Red EXPRESS Kit 900mah

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Nicotine Strength
Add EXTRA Flavoring ?
Flavor Option # 1
Optional - eGo Lanyard ($2.50)
Option eGo Lanyard - Black [+$2.50]
Option eGo Lanyard - Green [+$2.50]
Option eGo Lanyard - Red [+$2.50]
Option eGo Lanyard -Blue [+$2.50]
Option eGo Lanyard - Pink [+$2.50]
Option eGo Lanyard - Purple [+$2.50]
Add Cool Ice Hit?
Optional Zipper Case - Size Small
eGo Zipper Case - RED [+$3.50]
eGo Zipper Case - Black [+$3.50]
eGo Zipper Case - Blue [+$3.50]
H2 Clearomizer
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Clear [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Blue [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Green [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Black [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Purple [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Yellow [+$5.00]
H2 Clearomizer 1.6ml - Red [+$5.00]
Optional- Needle tip Bottles
Red Needle tip 5 ml Bottle [+$1.00]
Red Needle tip 10ml Bottle [+$1.25]
Red Needle tip 20ml Bottle [+$1.50]
Red Needle Tip 30ml Bottle [+$1.75]
Red Needle Tip 50 ml Bottle [+$2.00]
Optional Metalic CE4
Blue Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]
Green Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]
Red Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]
Purple Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]
Gold Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]
Black Metalic CE4 [+$4.00]

Express Kit Includes:

 1 -  CE4 Clearomizer

 1 - USB Charger

 1 -  Red 900mah Battery

  Plus -A Free 10ml Bottle of

            your choice E-Liquid

A word about prolonging battery life and safety:

 As with any rechargeable battery it is recommended:

 Ø  User should charge their battery through a surge protector.

 Ø  Batteries should not be left unattended or "overcharged".

 Ø  If liquid gets on the battery immediately clean and dry battery thoroughly.

 Ø  Do not leave batteries in a hot or cold automobile.

 Ø  Extreme temperatures may damage lithium battery which could cause injury.

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